Why is it different from other roll-on EO blend´╝č

Phi Aroma products are 100% souled and sealed in North Borneo. Each roll on is Hand-bottled and sealed in Sabah. We selected the premium essential oil available locally. Each blend tells a Different story in our own aborigines language. It carries the spirit of sabah children as we are gifted to be naturally joyful, spirited, live to protect our land and always full of creativity.

Who are they?

The Children of Borneo



She is the most beautiful lady in the village. She smiles like a ylang ylang flower blooming in the misty garden. Her name is unforgettable.

  • Top : Rosemary
  • Heart: Ylang ylang, Geranium
  • Base: Frankincense, Sabah patchouli.


This little one is a blessed miracle. She is like the rain in dry land. And the air breathes living. She is pure and innocent, she has the most precious thing that God gave to all children, purity!

  • Top : Lime
  • Heart: Lavender
  • Base: Vanilla, Copaiba, Rosewood


His name is Heaven. The most beautiful place beyond all imagination. Wherever he goes,the air is filled with aroma, richness of scents, and these scents are luxurious yet peaceful. These scents are then condensed in time. No one could ever add value to Time. Could you?

  • Top: Bergamot
  • Heart: Lavender, Neroli
  • Base: Frankincense, Indian sandalwood