Hand Made in Small Batches

We capsulate the essence of North Borneo through the magic of science, a scent love affair to last a lifetime with Artisanal perfumery.

In-House Perfumers

Our in house perfumers are professionally trained in reknown and certified perfumery school. We are also international member of UKPA (United Kingdom Perfumery Association) & APS (Asian Perfumery Association)


Raw Materials for making Artisanal Perfumes are exclusive and seasonal. Therefore many of our perfumes have limited supply. We normally labelled them by numbers.


The children of Borneo series

Aromatherapists designed Sabah premium blend roll-on oil based perfume. 100% natural essential oil blends that carry remedian health benefits for our users.


Perfume is personal. You are wearing a memory, a story, or a secret that you wouldn't want to share with anyone else.
Therefore, we are here to create your private blend. Our Bespoke Perfume Creation service is designed for individuals, couples, private parties or events. You can create your bespoke perfume with our Chief Perfumer, Dr Sylvia. Every scent we made for you will be a private blend, and only you will get access to the formula design for you.


Our imported materials are certified by IFRA ( International Fragrance Association)